About Section 90

Alpha Phi Omega's organizational structure breaks the United States into eleven geographical Regions numbered from east to west. The Regions are further divided into Sections. Each Section tends to have up to 10 Chapters residing within their boundries. Chapters have the duty to elect a Regional Director and a Sectional Chair to help further Alpha Phi Omega's principles.

Section 90 encompasses Central Pennsylvania with the western boundry comprised of the counties of Bedford, Blar, Centre, Clinton, and Potter and the eastern boundry comprised of Bradford straight down cutting Schuylkill in half, Lebanon, and Lancaster counties. The Section is apart of
Region II which spans from Eastern and Central New York State, Eastern and Central Pennsylvania, down to Delaware.

Currently, there are seven active Chapters within Section 90 and four inactive Chapters.

Active Chapters:
Alpha Beta - Penn State University (Main Campus)
Iota Kappa - Bucknell University
Iota Omicron - Gettysburg College
Lambda Lambda - Shippensburg University
Nu Delta - Lebanon Valley College
Xi Iota - Susquehanna University
Xi Lambda - Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Alpha Gamma Alpha - Dickinson College

Inactive Chapters:
Eta Iota - Millersville University
Xi Mu - Lock Haven University
Xi Pi - Lycoming University

Map of Chapters:
Below is a map showing the locations of the seven active Section 90 Chapters.
Key: Green is for active chapters; Red is for inactive chapters

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